Material Appropriation Processes in Antiquity (MAPA)

The key aim of the new MAPA series (Material Appropriation Processes in Antiquity) is to promote a focus on human and social agency in the way in which material culture, such as artefacts, art and architecture are created, used, and perceived, and thus become crucial factors in processes of cultural transfer and appropriation. This is a deliberately broad understanding of materiality, which does not rely on the wholesale adoption of currently fashionable concepts like "hybridity", "object agency" etc., whilst at the same time providing a conceptual framework in which such theoretical approaches can easily find a place. Last but not least, the emphasis on processes of material appropriation, driven by human agents in a particular social setting, seems particularly suitable for all sorts of research into aspects of Graeco-Roman antiquity, e.g. in what have been usually conceived as the "core zones" of the Mediterranean, but equally in diverse geographical settings where various form of cultural contact and exchange would have taken place.
Within MAPA, both monographs and edited volumes (e.g. conference proceedings) in German, English, Italian, and French will be published.
Each manuscript will be assessed by members of the MAPA editorial board, in line with their respective expertise, in a double-blind review. For the series a "hybrid" strategy of dissemination is pursued: from the
moment of publication, each volume shall be available both as an e-book and in print, and there is also the option of an Open Access version.


  • J. Lipps – M. Dorka Moreno – J. Griesbach (Hrsg.), Appropriation Processes of Statue Schemata in the Roman Provinces, MAPA 1 (Wiesbaden 2021) ISBN 9783954904495
  • J.Lipps – Detlev Kreikenbom – Jonas Ognabrügge (Hrsg.), Die Mainzer Salus. Gesellschaft und Stadtkultur im Norden der Germania Superior, MAPA 3 (Wiesbaden 2023) ISBN 9783752007954

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